What Happens After I Place My Order?

After you place your order, we will email you with our requirements depending upon the type of site you have ordered. This will include requests for copy (wording for each page), images (size & resolution) and instructions on how to send them to us.

We like input from the client around the sort of designs they like, so if you send us any links to other websites (they don’t have to be in the same industry as you), we will take on board their best points when putting together your design. If you have a logo, we will incorporate those colours into the design to maintain your branding.

We will then create several designs for your home page for you to approve before we continue the development process. During the build, the website will be placed on our development server so that you can monitor progress and approve the design. We aim to have your new website complete and live in under 4 weeks but of course we are relying on you to provide us with the necessary wording and imagery for the site within that time period.


We can help with sourcing images and writing content but there would be an extra charge for those services. If you are unable to make the necessary server setting changes on your domain, we will log in to your domain registrars site and make the necessary server changes free of charge.

Upon acceptance of the initial order, you will be sent an invoice – we require payment of 25% of the  website cost upfront and the remaining 75% upon completion of the website. Work on the site will commence upon receipt of the initial payment and the website will be uploaded to your domain upon receipt of the final payment.

Once the website is completed and moved to your domain, we will supply you with login details so that you may edit and modify your own site if you wish. We will also create your email addresses during the changeover so that once your site is live, so too are your email addresses. We will email you the necessary email information so that you can set-up your pc/tablet/mobile to send and receive emails. You will also receive 2 hours of training to ensure you know how to work your new site correctly and answer any queries you may have.

Still Have Questions?