We prefer the term ‘inexpensive’ rather than cheap website…


So what does it cost for a professionally built, Simple Business Website?

Remember, you will be able to edit the site, add pages, images etc. yourself! Any of the following add-ons are optional and entirely up to you.

First select the type of site you want:

A brochure website up to 10 pages – £325

An e-commerce website (up to 5 categories and 10 products) – £545

You will be able to add pages yourself, however if you wish us to do it for you:

Extra page creation – £5 per page

Extra category creation for e-commerce – £3 per category

Product creation for e-commerce – £3 per product / £25 for 10 products / £45 for 20 products

Decide what images you wish to use:

You may supply your own images which we will insert for you at no extra cost (we will tell you dimensions, resolution required etc.), or we can supply stock images images for you – the prices for our images are below. Please do not submit images that you do not own or do not have permission to use. More information on this subject can be found on our FAQ page.

Cost per image – £10

Cost per 3 images – £28

Cost per 5 images – £45

Wording for your website:

We require you to send us the wording or content for each page of your new website (within the page allowance), which we will insert at no extra cost for you, or we can assist you with the following:

Copy writing per page – £30

Hosting for your Website:

Your first 6-months of hosting are included with your website.

All websites require hosting and your website will be hosted on our excellent, fast & reliable UK-based servers. Unlike other companies, there is no limit placed on your bandwidth.

After the initial 6-months free period, the charges are as follows:

Hosting billed quarterly – £24 (equates to only £8 per month)

Hosting billed annually – £60 (equates to only £5 per month)


We will create the first 5 email accounts of your choosing with your website at no extra cost, eg. or Unlike other companies, there is no limit on email data usage. If you require more than 5 emails accounts:

Per extra 5 email accounts – £10

Domain Name Registration:

If you already have a domain name registered, we will provide you with the changes you need to make to your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings so that the domain is pointed to our servers. If you wish, we can register a domain on your behalf, which you may then transfer in to your own name and registrar.

Domain registration – £15.00 per annum

Domain registration .com – £30 per annum

Support Package

We build your new site in WordPress, which is open source and there are many articles and videos available online to help you manage and develop your website yourself. However, purchasers who are inexperienced users may wish to buy extra support. We can provide 2 hours of technical support (via email) per month for your site, charged at £30 per month, billed quarterly in advance.

You may also wish to visit our FAQ page or What Happens Next page.